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The Process of Sex and the Purpose in Time

The sexual ritual of the cavemen consisted of a rhythmic dance whose main step was to clap bumps on animal skulls. Although it is hard to imagine locating a sex date mate or  Live Web Camera Girls Sex Chat this rite led to an unstoppable desire to mate. The man or woman who today wants to flirt using this technique probably the only thing that accompanies him home that night is a skull or a denunciation for exhibitionism.

The journalist and specialist in relationships Luigi Landeira shows in his book Link to the first click. “There is not a second chance for a first impression, which is why, especially in the first moments, it is important to look like a normal person,” says Landeira as the first council.

“Single attendees at a wedding are more aware of their singleness than ever and one of their main goals is usually to be matched, even for one night”

If you are one of those who still believes that asking “do you study or work?” To the person you want to conquer is a good way to break the ice, pay attention to the advice that Landeira offers next. “To seduce it is enough to have the absolute certainty that you are going to be seduced, the rest is straw, but a straw that should not be neglected,” the author points out. For the Local sex Hookups, it is particularly strange.


Forget the clubs and focus your efforts and hopes on your cousin’s wedding. Yes, it is true that in clubs you can flirt, but much less than you could at a wedding. “The competition in a nightclub is very hard: there are dozens of people who spend the night insisting … until they almost always get it,” explains Landeira.

But why is a wedding a good stage? “This ceremony supposes an exaltation of love at the highest level, and unmarried assistants are more aware of their singleness than ever and one of their main objectives is to end up being paired, even for one night. relax and trust more than anyone who wants to start a conversation, it also helps that it goes very well arranged and, of course, it drinks a lot.”

The supermarket

When you go shopping without a companion, finding a lonely person in the dairy aisle can generate a lot of empathy. The place where we choose to make the purchase becomes a strong link. It says a lot about the economic situation and lifestyle and the priorities of each one. “Normally, making a purchase is a tedious experience, which is why we are more predisposed to let ourselves be carried away by any stimulus that can encourage it,” says the author.

Approaching that person who hesitates between buying soy milk or oatmeal and getting the interesting advice on the second one can be a good way to break the ice.

Cooking courses

Going to a cooking course is one of the best options to establish physical and intellectual contact with the person you are interested in. And it does not matter that you still believe that you have to dismember a certain Juliana every time they tell you to cut the onion. Learn three or four words from the cookbook that were given to you with the set of pans and let them fall as soon as you see the opportunity. Words like “emulsify”, “temper”, “caramelize” or “reduce” can become your allies.